How To Enjoy Your Job

When they hear the word job it doesn’t bring to mind very pleasant connotations for most people. Most people consider their job to be a necessity, although not necessarily something they’d choose to do for fun if they were blessed with the gift of financial freedom. Spending more than eight hours a day doing something that doesn’t bring real fulfillment can be a recipe for psychological distress and even physical maladies. If you don’t enjoy your job, it’s time to take action. Here’s how:

How to enjoy your job: Find work that utilizes your talents

One of the most important ways to ensure happiness in your career is to choose work that harnesses your talents and passions. Many people experience job frustration and career dissatisfaction because they choose a job based on security and the potential to make money. If the career path you’ve chosen doesn’t match your passion, it’s not a good fit. What are you good at? What inspires you? What do you do in your free time? Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers in a journal. Be aware of what you enjoy doing on a daily basis. Make it a point to become more in touch with what sparks your passions. Once you know what you enjoy doing and what you’re good at, you can seek out ways to use these skills in your current job or find another self made career path based on what you truly enjoy.

How to enjoy your job: Research

Once you know what you enjoy doing and have identified where your talents lie, spend some time researching jobs that would allow you to use your newly identified skills. If your current job isn’t flexible enough to allow you to use your talents and skills, it may be necessary to seek out other employment or even an entirely new career path. Research jobs and careers that would directly utilize the skills you identified in your previous journal entries. Become aware of what you need to do to enter a new line of work. Do you need more education? Could you turn your skills into a business? Try testing the waters by taking a few classes at night in a field you believe you would enjoy. If you decide starting your own business using your talents would work best, take a basic evening class on starting a business. These simple steps can give you purpose and help to break the monotony of your current job while advancing your objectives.

How to enjoy your job: Network, network, network

Once you’ve identified what you want to do, network by handing out business cards to anyone and everyone who may be able to help you achieve your job and career related goals. Let them know what your talents are and what kind of employment you’re seeking. The power of networking can be magical and you never know when the ideal opportunity for you to use your talents will arise. Even if the person you’re talking doesn’t have the ability to help you, they may know people who can. By talking to someone every day and giving them a business card, you’ll vastly increase the number of potential job related opportunities that come your way. If your goals are more entrepreneurial, you never know when you might come upon the perfect business partner or investor who would like to help you achieve your objectives.

If you feel isolated and unfulfilled in your job, taking action is important not only to help break your cycle of boredom but also to provide you with the new contacts and opportunities you need to channel your talents and passions into a full time income. If you don’t enjoy your job, don’t spend another minute indulging in your misery. Take action and you may just find a way to make money with the talents you were born with.

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