The Changing Job Market – The Fastest Growing and Highest Paying Jobs of 2008

Whether you are just beginning your educational career or are about to embark on your post-graduation job search, a thorough understanding of the ever-changing job market is necessary for success.

While there are jobs available in every field, be sure to research what experts are saying about hot jobs and particular industries. Some businesses are passing trends, and today’s hot jobs might be cut back next year. Some industries have not been predicted to grow in the coming years, and so offer little chance of advancement or even lateral movement. Your objective is to discover the industries that are expected to grow and get involved while opportunities are available and job descriptions can be self-defined.

For 2008, the United States Census Bureau reports that the professional service, managerial, clerical, and production industries will provide the most jobs for Americans. reports that the fastest growing national industries are health and medical services, including residential, outpatient, and facilities support services, educational services, software publishing, and management, scientific, and technical consulting services.

Industries outside of health care are also expected to provide more jobs during 2008. Cable and subscription programming, Internet publishing and broadcasting, and computer systems and design services are all expected to expand. The lowest job-producing industries include technical, farming, craft, and sales.

Besides being aware of which industries are most likely to hire new employees in 2008, job-seekers also need to research the amount of income these jobs will provide. Just because there are a number of openings does not mean a job will provide enough to make ends meet or achieve the lifestyle you want. According to the United States Census Bureau, the highest paying jobs of 2008 will be in the fields of engineering, computers, and business. The lowest paying careers will include education, science, and liberal arts.

According to statistics, the hot jobs of 2008 will be in the medical and health profession, and consultation services. Your objective isn’t just to find the best careers out there; you need to discover the best careers out there for you. Your perfect career will balance the salary you expect and the kind of work that interests you. Financial success is essential, but so is emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

Keep an eye on the job market. New industries emerge all the time, and your best chance of success depends on your ability to get on board while the field is still growing.

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