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Why Does My Youngster Do His Homework And Then Not Turn It In?

Exasperated parents normally ask me, “Why does my son (or daughter) do his homework and then not turn it in?” These understandably frustrated and confused parents are hunting to me for answers, but I ought to admit that for years, I could not aid them.

I just did not get it! Homework requires up valuable time if you happen to be undertaking homework, you happen to be not undertaking anything else. Why forgo playing or speaking on the telephone or watching Television- for nothing at all? Why do homework and then not get the credit? How could a student bear the believed of completed homework sitting at property or- even worse- in his backpack?

My students could not clarify their pondering to me, and parents kept asking, so I decided to do some study.


  • They want to appear cool. Or, rather, they never want to appear “uncool” by seeming to care about studying and undertaking homework. I suppose a report card complete of 'Fs' appears significantly far better? This type of pondering normally becomes much more prevalent in middle and higher college.
  • They can not uncover it. There are numerous students that would turn in their homework- if they knew exactly where it was. I teach my personal young children that their homework is not completed till it is place away in their homework folder, AND the homework folder is place away in their backpack, AND the backpack is place by the back door.
  • They are distracted. Items are going on in class that are significantly much more exciting than what the teacher is saying. There is also an complete universe inside every student's head: pondering about their most recent crush, lunch, recess, the prom, beating the score on a video games, issues at property… how could homework compete with all of that?
  • They are rebelling. What do you do when you really feel that your each and every move is controlled by other folks? You uncover anything that you can handle- like turning in homework. This passive-aggressive behavior commonly goes away when students are permitted to be accountable for their personal homework (hint, hint).
  • They never believe it is a huge deal. Students know irrespective of whether or not their teacher appears at their homework or just slaps a verify on it and tosses it in a pile. If homework is not crucial adequate to warrant much more than a glance (if that), who can blame students for not worrying about turning it in?
  • They figure you will take care of it. Why, oh why, does your kid believe this? Do you contact the teacher, make excuses, uncover their homework and turn it in for them? Effectively, it is no wonder, then, that they think you will rescue them.


There are a quantity of points parents can do to aid students truly turn in homework:

    1. Show them how to organize their homework. 1 day, your kid could graduate to colour-coded folders, but in the starting, basic is most effective. I propose a single folder for all completed homework. 1 location to place homework, a single location to uncover it. What could be simpler?
    2. Support them figure out a routine that they can use for every class. Each and every teacher has diverse class procedures some want homework at the starting of class, some at the finish some have a homework basket, other folks want homework passed to the front. Although this could not appear like a huge deal to you, it can be overwhelming for a 14 year-old. Locate out if your kid can turn in homework the very same way for every class. For instance, can he hand in homework at the starting of the class- even if that is not the teacher's standard process?
  1. Inform them to turn it in anytime they keep in mind (or uncover it). Typically, a student will understand that they forgot to turn in their homework a handful of minutes or hours soon after it was due, but they hold on to it. Clarify that a tiny late is far better than not at all.
  2. Locate out from the teacher if homework is graded. Yes, we want our young children to be accountable, but we also have to choose our battles. If the homework is not graded, does not count, the teacher does not appear at it- why lead to Globe War III if it is not turned in?
  3. Let them endure the consequences. This is the hardest a single of all, is not it? We never want our babies to endure- to miss recess! We never want to see an Incomplete or an D on are port card, do we? But, often that is what requires to come about for our young children to understand that, “Oh, wow! Possibly I ought to turn in my homework!” If you retain saving them, they will not ever do it for themselves.
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