Major five Motives To Use A Staffing Agency

If you are asking yourself why you would use a staffing agency for short-term or permanent recruiting desires, there are lots of great factors why you can advantage from their solutions. This top rated 5 list addresses the most useful factors to contemplate working with a short-term staffing or permanent recruitment firm – Liability, Expense, Flexibility, Experience & Time.

On with the list!

    1. Liability: When you engage the solutions and/or employee of a staffing firm, they are not your employee. As a result, you have no liability for their workers comp, expert/basic liability, payroll taxes and unemployment claims.
    2. Expense: Even though you will spend a service charge or hourly mark up to a staffing/recruiting firm, you require to maintain in thoughts that they are paying all of the workers comp, expert/basic liability insurance coverage, state and federal payroll taxes. Typically this adds up to about 12% of what the staffing firm pays the employee. So if they are paying an individual $15/hour they are paying out $1.80 on top rated of that to cover the above pointed out expenditures linked with employing that particular person, not you. The leftover quantity in between the spend price and client bill price is what the agency tends to make as profit.
    1. Flexiblity: When you require a short-term employee or frankly any employee, there is a lot of expense and time incurred to obtain the certified and ideal candidate for your job. When you only require an individual for a couple of weeks or months, why do this in residence when it can be outsourced to an agency that specializes in your sort of position and consequently currently has the recruitment marketing dollars spent and certified candidates lined up? You are capable to use the agency’s employee as a lot or small as you require and can discontinue their assignment after your perform is comprehensive.
    2. Experience: There are staffing agencies and recruiters that specialize in any market or position you can envision. By operating with an agency or recruiter that has a specialty for your sort of position, you will instantly access the precise talent pool you are attempting to attain, as nicely as upping your possibilities of acquiring the ideal attainable candidate. The time a specialized agency or recruiter will take to fill your position will also be substantially significantly less due to the fact they only perform with candidates with distinct abilities sets.

  1. Time: Let’s face it, pretty much all of us could use a small additional time in our days to get additional completed. Recruiting, screening and hiring a candidate regardless of whether short-term or lengthy term requires a substantial quantity of marketing dollars and your individual time. When you are in a bigger corporation it is simpler to deal with short-term or permanent staffing desires for the reason that personnel have additional specialized roles such as hiring manager or recruiter. Smaller to Medium sized companies can advantage the most from engaging the solutions of a staffing agency, due to the fact they are ordinarily wearing “lots of hats” in their present part and may perhaps not have the bandwidth to add one more activity to their day-to-day activities, particularly a substantial 1 such as recruiting & hiring.


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